In-store background music has never been easier

Increase your sales with a smart media box, a full catalogue of streamable music, and a profiled soundtrack for your brand.

Simple media box for dedicated playback
Upload and schedule voice announcements
Tailored playlists according to profile
Customize and schedule your own playlists
Simple webbased administration and control
Social media outreach to your customers

Get it now

  • Professional
  • from 129 USD / month
  • One Blicko media box included
  • WiMP Pro account, access and stream more than 20 million songs
  • Web-based control from your laptop, tablet or smartphone
  • Tons of playlists, updated regularly
  • Scheduling playlists or playback events
  • Request
  • Enterprise
  • Contact us
  • Organize multiple media boxes for several music zones or locations
  • Tailored playlists from music designers to soundtrack your brand
  • Studio announcement recordings
  • Custom subdomain and color-themeing
  • 24/7 phone and email support
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