In order to play the music from a Blicko Station, a Tuner application is recommended for dedicated and stable audio playback. The installer can be downloaded at the link below:

Download for Windows (win32)

Tuner 1.7.0 (2013-07-11)

Download for Linux (raspbian, arm-hf)

Tuner 1.6.7 (2013-07-11)


After you have installed and started the application it will be running in the windows tray (bottom-right) looking like this: You can right-click on the tray-icon to reach the Configuration Page which is where pair your tuner with a Station and configure the music-providers (Spotify, Wimp etc.).


To pair (connect and start listening to the music) your Tuner with a station, just search for it in the large text-box at the top of Configuration Page and click on the "Tune" button. As soon as you paired it the music should start playing, given that there are tracks in the queue and playback is not paused. Be sure to login with your Spotify or Wimp account if you are using these music-providers on your station.